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  Swing, Ginny, Swing! 

   Watko Doll Swing 

This adorable 50's metal swing matches my very HTF vintage

  Watko furniture to a tee and still 

has the original kick plate wired

 in place. The plastic fabric looks to be Watko  

for sure with variation in trim design. 

The steel construction is wonderful 

and the vinyl canopy and

 padded cushions are too cute for words!

This swing was my Xmas

 gift this year and I looked a long time to find one! 

Although I love

 my Strombecker pieces, I have to say

 I almost prefer the early

 Watko pieces for 50's charm, color, and construction.

 An almost identical Watko swing sold in 1996

 for $425.00 at Theriault's and

 the bottom plate was missing. 

More swing pics! CLICK Close-ups!   1     2     3 

This outdoor Watko canopy table came with two bistro chairs.

You can see the top of the steel bistro chair in the background. 

My bistro chair is missing the seat. 

The canopy umbrella  is striped cloth and still in very good 

condition. The original table top is great 

and remains wired on. The Watko striped chairs

 are like new even though they were made around

 1957 and considered high end furniture back then. 

 See the Watko chaise lounge below! 


  Strung 1953 Tina and Linda are snacking!

  Watko chaise lounge has rubber wheels!

 See close-up of set without dolls. 1

The mouseketeers are at play and taking a lunch break!

 Ginny as Karen and Ginger in Ginny's golfing suit 

are having fun relaxing with  

wooden furniture made by Hall's in 1965. 

The round table is number #282 

and it came with two drilled holes in the table top

 so that the umbrella angle

 could be adjusted. 

The striped canopy has wooden spokes.

 The chaise with original pad is #281. 

See the white lifeguard chair that goes great with this set! 

It is new and holds a Wendykins! 

The wooden swing you see in the click pic is 

Strombecker and shown in full size here: http://cataumet.net/carolyn/plw15.htm  CLICK     1


Ginny as Karen and rare Sandra Sue swing! 

This fantastic swing was made for the Sandra Sue doll 

by Richwood from 1953-1958. 

It is perfect for Ginny and complements

 her own Vogue gym as the original paint color

 is almost the same. 

Under the swing there is a sandpaper like surface 

meant to simulate grass.

 When assembled it was put together 

with the sandpaper side down. To prevent slipping?

 The matching #501 see-saw with simulated grass 

and top of the swing can be seen if you click added pics.

 Ginny is swinging the day away! 

The wooden bench is Strombecker

CLICK the Close-ups!    1     2


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