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Repro Vogue Ginny Margie re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan




Repro Ginny Ballerina re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan



Repro Ginny dolls Bunky and Binky re-dressed in vintage fabric sewn by Jan









Minnie's Cafe top shelf

Mickey's Cafe bottom shelf


Vintage hard plastic Ginny Dolls by Vogue

Annette, Darlene, Karen




   Carolyn's Rock n' Roll Ginny Dolls

is a virtual vintage 

     doll museum featuring

          8" hard plastic Ginny, Ginger,

         and Muffie  dolls of the 50's...

For fun I have also included

 reproduction Vogue Ginny

  and Madame Alexander

Wendy and Maggie Dolls

    Here you will find the sounds

   of the 50's and 60's plus

     TV and movie memorabilia . 

On holidays I usually picture

vintage cards, 

many by Hallmark

     Be sure to see the Ginny size 

doll furniture

sections on the site! 

    ( Please note: the dolls and furniture

 featured on these pages 

are from my collection

  and generally

  not for sale unless 

I have duplicates. )

I do sell paper items

for 8 inch dolls 

Those are listed in the 

For Sale section

after the Wendy dolls link

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See Ginny mini cards,

         Ginny bows, stringing bands, etc.

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April 3, 2020

Happy Easter

5 pages and a secret

See Repro Ginny wearing '54 

Candy Dandy  outfit:    1


See Repro Ginny in stripes:      2           


Peter  Rabbit tea:     3    


First Secret:            4a


Madame Alexander Wendy

 wearing Sunday School outfit 

rides and sings and Mary's gift:     5







Recent postings

Valentine's Day 2020


 See Repro Ginny Margie

wearing her heart jewelry:    1

See Repro Clothespin Ginny

on her Valentine's Day birthday:      2     3


Christmas 2019


2 added Xmas scenes by friends!

See Betty's Grinch scene!     1

See Sharon's Caroling scene!    2

My 5 Christmas pages

See Wendy "Tea Time

and Granny's gift:    1     2

See Muffie's 

Howdy Christmas:     3

See "Minnie Rocks the Dots":     4


See 3 Ginny doll 

Mouseketeer fans:     5

Simplified Table of Contents


Hard Plastic Vintage 1950's 

8 inch Ginnys beginning 

with my oldest Ginny dolls:

                                   Painted eye and Painted Lash

                             Strung Vogue Ginny dolls:     1

                                                  Painted Lash walker Ginny dolls:     2

                                   Molded lash walker Ginny dolls:    3

                                   Bent knee walker Ginny dolls:    4  


Hard Plastic Vintage dolls

                  Nancy Ann Storybook Muffie 

                  & Cosmopolitan Ginger dolls:    5  


                  Vintage Ginny Doll Types :    6


                                    Vintage Vogue Jill:     7 


Newer hard plastic Ginny

 and Wendy dolls


                                                Reproduction Ginnys:     8


                                           Newer Madame Alexander

                                          Wendy dolls :    9  


For Sale: 

Re-stringing bands for Ginny arms

head to torso bands and printed directions

Ginny Bows, Ginny glasses, cowgirl arm

 cuffs, and my  duplicates on these pages:   1     2  

Sharon's heart felt bags for sale:    1

2 adorable Muffie walker dolls & 

Muffie's closet:    1    2      3

More For Sale:

 50's vintage graphics paper sets

For Sale: My Merry mini Graphics:    1

For Sale Little Women mini cards:    1 

For Sale Fairfield mini cards:   1

Deluxe Reading mini set for Ginny:    1

Chein mini furniture box:     1

Doll House Sections 1-4

featuring 50's and 60's doll 

furniture throughout

and lots of mini accessories

in scenes that include

Ginny, Ginger, Muffie

 and Wendy, dolls:    10

In these sections you will see

 doll furniture from 

companies that were popular 

in the 50's and 60's:

 Watko, Cosmopolitan,

 Strombecker, Vogue, Halls,

Keystone, (tin kitchens: T Cohn

Superior, Marx Pretty Maid,

MFZ, Walt Disney )

Nursery (pink plastic)vintage with decals,

 Cragstan, Ohio art, Tomland, 

Cape Cod Toymakers,

Grey House Creations,

Madame Alexander, Blue Box, 

Richwood Sandra Sue, Cass, Chein,

Denis Crib (Breck Beauty Salon),

Amsco, Art Toys, Wyandotte,

Red Robin, Pennsylvania Dutch,Spielwaren,

Retired Rement: minis, 

and Mickey Mouse cafe table set:  ( 10 )


Dolls celebrating the


                     Happy New Year:   1

                           Valentines Day:     2


                           Mothers Day:     4

                           July 4th:     5

                           Halloween:     6     

                           Thanksgiving:     7

                           Christmas:     8



                   2018 Summer Boutique:     1   

                   2019 Spring Paris and 

                   Chicago:    1             


                        Magic 50's Memories:    1    


                                    Meet my family:     1 


                                    My Publications:    1


     Doll Links:     1

Past postings:


See Repro Ginny

 witch casting a magic spell:     1 

See Madame Alexander 

Wendy doll in her spooky

 spider dress!     2

Spring Season 

and Easter Holiday 

8 pages below:

See Madame Alexander Wendy dolls

wearing drop waist dresses

 in Paris and Chicago

1     2     3     4 

Then connect to see   

See Ginny and Muffie dolls 


Easter 2019 :     5     6     7     8



Mary is letting me share 

her Valentine scene!

Thank you! Click here to see

 her darling scene!     1


Peggy Millhouse is featuring

her dolls now on Pinterest.

Lovely Ginny dolls and 

What a collection 

of Sandra Sue dolls!

Click the link below 

then scroll down to see her

dollies:     1

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  See Ginny and mini Ginny visiting 

Santa in the best Xmas card

I have ever received! 1  


Pictures of my friend Harper June 2019

                                 Sites and scenes by 

                                friends worth visiting









                                                Sue of Yester-Dolls

                                                    Chelmsford Ma.


 Betsy  McCall paper dolls




                                             Click the Easter kids to see

                                             Betty's  doll and family  blog! 


                                                  Jana from Pink Heart Toggery

                                             for necklaces

                                             skirts, and slacks for Ginny! 










                                         Jana's Ebay name: jana19550

                                         Jana's email:


                                        See Sharon's Madame Alexander

                                              and Ginny Dolls at the church 

                                        Easter egg hunt!  1

                                         See Sharon's Easter scene

                                        with Granny and Ginny!  3

                                         See Sharon's Sensational 

                                       Halloween scene:    1    2    3    

                                          See Mary's Ginny twin boys 

                                      visiting the Easter Bunny1

                                       See Ginny Linda's  

                                   fantabulous Easter

                                   parade right here!  1


 Muffie dolls or related items  

donated or for sale

               are always welcomed for the museum!             


          If you have any EXC-MIB 50's Muffies

please email me!

I have clothes but need more dolls!

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