One Ginny cleans while the other listens to the hi fi!

 ( I wish Ginny would clean my house!)

You can't help but wonder if Ginny's dad sells laundry detergent!! 

 Original MLW Ginny grabs a snack before defrosting 

the refrigerator! The dusting is done!

To see the vintage fridge OPEN  

and the inside lithographs, CLICK here! 1

The load is in and Ginny must set the timer! 

There is a key that goes in the side.

 The dusting tool goes to the vac below!

Ginny vacs the house and  vintage vac 

actually has plugs you insert into a battery unit. 

Then the vac starts humming!

 There are three vac attachments w/ hose. 

The plastic dryer (sold separately plugs into  

same battery unit + clangs while the barrel spins !)

I got this set MIB and had an extra same vac that also works!

  Two outlets for vacs or dryer/vac.

                                   To see Ginny in a house CLOSE-UP

                   with DRYER and another vac shot  CLICK here 2 3

I used an empty My Merry case

 and filled it with my own items! 

How great is the Vogue detergent?!

Note Fab advertising the premium doll 

and Duz with the free wheat plate premium!! 

Who can forget Rosemary De Camp 

plugging 20 Mule Team Borax?

The wringer washer is on standby! 

Ginny's Mom won't  part with it!   

                                                        The rest of this room is on Page 14   

                                                but scroll down first!

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               Dollhouse Page 14


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 (Page 2 ) on Page 14

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