Ginny dreamed of being a teen so she decorated a 

vintage dorm room in the attic! 

Note the sling back chair for relaxing!

 This excellent vintage set was made similar

 to Strombecker but was colorfully painted

 by the manufacturer. 

The pieces have great heavy mirrors 

and the buffet cabinet has see-through sliding doors.

 I added the unmarked vintage bed, rug, 

repro scooter and bike and sling chair.

 Added Strombecker pieces: green sofa and gold chair. 

Corner rack on the wall is Ginny's favorite bookcase.

 The wood matches well!

            YEAH! YEAH! YEAH!


Ginny Beryl is a big music fan and has a Beatles 

pin of her very own! Thanks, Linda!

This Ginny in chartreuse is forever a flower child 

and cleans in front of the armoire. 

It has a mirror and the original tassel.

To see close-ups of Ginny's buffet

 and furniture pieces just Click!   1     2  



Ginny size 60's chest of drawers.  

To see a few more close-ups of the juke box area,

second vanity, Strombecker pieces and bed  

just CLICK the pics!   1     2     3     4     5  

 Peace and Love to all! Thanks, Joni and Karen!



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