Bent knee walker Ginny loves shopping

 but wishes brother Jeff would put the groceries away!

Pink vintage tin set was made by Cragstan

 and I own it with the original box...yeah!

Ginny's Trousseau tree has a replaced top.

 I have the complete original tree in another scene. 

Ginger has a sip of her ice cream sundae-frappe.

 She used the Acme fountain to make it! P B and J

 plus cones are on hand and Nestles Quik, too!

                              Cake anyone? 

It's 1:25 and Ginny still has not finished 

unloading her groceries!

BKW Ginny all original now has bags 

of groceries spilling over!!

 Will this all fit in the fridge??

Strung Ginny (since re-dressed) hangs

 the clothes before her late brunch! 

Bacon and eggs plus grapefruit and OJ!

The washer is behind Ginny.  The top lifts and a red hose

 is attached. A key on the side makes the agitator turn.

Lower level tin complete dollhouse kitchenette

 Doll House Page 3   



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