Remember  when you  knew all wishes come true ?

And somehow they did ???? 

This ponytail  Ginny dreamed she would play

 like Cubby and she does!

(this Ginny outfit is now on a Repro brunette Ginny)

Ginny's friend Vicki and vintage Bon Voyage trunk 

( trunk sold but I kept the doll)

Vicki's braids were cropped this way 

and she is exc-near mint. 

Vicki loves playing "traveling to Paris" 

and "masquerading" with Ginny! 

 She and Ginny cut these masks from cereal boxes 

and advertisements !    

The closet is nearly full! Who will Vicki be? 

Playing make believe is fun! Guess who Vicki is!

If you guessed "The Sunbeam Girl" you guessed correctly!!

Now it is Ginny's turn to pick a mask!

Who will she be? See below!

Of course! Ginny picked Mickey Mouse! Who else would she be?



Doll House Page 20


Click and proceed to see the Ginny in her 

  60's dorm room and the Beatles, of course!  Page 21


Dollhouse Page 1: House, Juke box,Lucy TV Page 2 Gymset Page 3 Ginny Goes shopping, pink set Page 4 Annette wardrobe Page 5 Lemonade, Katz green tin set Page 6 Muffie ,Ginny School Page 7 Disney display Page 8 Breck Beauty Parlor Page 9 Big Band Concerto
Page 10 Romper Room  Page 11 Girl Scout Bake Sale  

Page 12 Birthday Party

Page 13 Laundry Page 1 Page 14 Laundry Page2 Page 15 Bubble bath


Page 16 Xmas House Tin,Toys Page 17 Ginny Beach, Boat, Pool Page 18  Baking  Fizzies
Page 19 Kitchen Maypo,Krispies Page 20 Make Believe masks Page 21 Beatles 60's Dorm Page 22 Ginny and  Carousel Page 23 Muffie Bonnie Books Keystone set  Page 24 Ginger Ginny Davy Crockett Ding Dong School Page 25 Mickey Mouse theme, Watko, Halls Play Outdoor 50's furniture Page 26 Ginny , Ginger, Muffie with Ginger's Watko Blue&Red Bedrooms and Bistro set! Page 27 Ginny and Muffie vanity sets

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