Transogram made this vanity set in 1956.

Note Ginny was actually used as the model on the cover of the box!

 This set has three chairs and below you will see the entire set I

 have replaced since the above pic was taken.

 The vanity table chair has the lower back as shown below.

 The pieces are made of light weight celluloid, 

similar to the material used in making carnival cupie dolls. 

 My set was kept in its box and probably explains how it survived

 in excellent condition. 

Note that the faux mirror curled a bit with time.

 The  box states that the set has been hand decorated.  

It also states: " Doll play is recommended by child psychologists as

 an important 'imaginative' activity which prepares a child for

 adult roles. Keeping her dolly 'beautiful' and 'well groomed' at

 her own dressing table will help a little girl develop her own

 feminine  personality." 

 Perhaps I should have had this vanity set as a child 

to have insured my own femininity?

 Owning this set means there might be hope for me now? LOL!

Cinderella Ginny BKW is enchanted with this vanity set!

Set and Ginny


Vanity top items added by me. A crown , of course! 

 Vintage rouge, Ginny mirror, candle, book, bracelet,

 gift, and some roses added by Ginny 

as a "feminine" touch! 

You can see that the feminine side of

 Ginny is emerging already!


Muffie is seated by a vintage plastic vanity table 

with Lady Lovely toy products, my merry talc, 

and some fairy perfume!

Close-up of  Muffie and her make-up!

Cathy and Heathcliff, too!

Enlarged shot of the table top

Muffie's favorite make-up items!


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