Ginny loves Maypo and every cereal here!!  

She always enters cereal box contests!

And you always gotta have milk on hand!

Ginger with  cereal premiums and tea set!  


More Ginger and cereal, just  CLICK! 


The baking continues! Look what is cooking at Ginny's! 


      Ginny loves chocolate cake! 

Look at the Gingerbread house she made! 

To see it just  CLICK the pic  1!

More pics of the baking scenes and Ginny's play area! 

  CLICK    2     3     4     5

Now it is time to clean up, do the dishes and the laundry! 

Yes, here is yet a third(!) tin kitchen I have found in pink! 

The blue sink was too darling to resist! 

Love the washer that lifts with agitator inside.

 I re-labeled the dryer and dishwasher 

as the lettering was hard to read. 

Jan made the darling doctor dentons in red! 

More shots of this set are a click away and there is a close-up

 of the last cereal pantry! I flipped the second box over in PIC 4

 so you could see the Linda doll offer on the back! 

(This is the same Linda from the "Danny Thomas Show"!)

That's Mary Hartline featured on the

 Sugar Smacks box last row Pic 4. 

The back of the box explains how you buy Mary!

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Doll House Page 19  


    Click to hear Snap, Krackle, and Pop  

                     Click to hear Markie Maypo !

Click to see Ginny playing make believe with Vicki 

     and some wonderful cereal masks! Page 20


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Page 12 Birthday Party

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