Romper! Bomper! Stomper-Boo! 

Tell me! Tell me! Tell Me-do! 

Ginny knows these words by heart 

and so does Sparky who also happens to be

 an official  Romper Room good do-bee! 

Note the yellow good Do-bee buttons they have earned!! 

They will grab a Coke on the way to see Miss Jean!


Best friends and good Do-bees heading to Romper room!

Toys galore in Romper Room!! 

Ginny will learn the violin and try out for the concerto! 

Her ponytail friend earned a good do-bee button 

for show and tell! 

She played the Casper guitar to perfection! 

Note the  red pick in her hand!!!

Miss Jean invites Ginny's friends to Romper Room 

and they are told to dress-up in their favorite outfits!! 

There are paints and trains to play with 

and even a ship encased in glass! 

The in class do-bee of the day will be the first student 

who volunteers to use the Hoover!!! 

"Snacks can leave crumbs," reminds Miss Jean!

Toys are for sharing and Scrabble 

is a good way to learn new words!!   

It is the end of the show! 

Miss Jean ( Vogue Jill all original) 

will grab the MAGIC MIRROR!  

"Magic mirror tell me today, 

Did all my friends have fun at play?" 

Who will she see? 

If  you look closely through the  mirror mesh

 a little face appears! 

It's Ginny she will see today! 

She'll call her name ! 

Ginny is the lucky TV Do-bee of the day!!!

At home Ginny has just heard Miss Jean say, 

"GINNY," from the TV set!

 She has waited so long to hear own name called! 

Oh boy! She is the TV Do-bee of the day! 

Does it get any better? 

 She throws up her hands with joy! 

And Tweety cartoons are on next!

At the end of the day the toys are neatly put away! 

The kids loved Candy Land the most and Tinker toys, too! 

The Magic Mirror still holds the image of today's TV Do-bee! 


Doll House Page 10

   This page is dedicated to Mary Case who loves and collects 

Romper Room and to Carol Iaconelli, Linda Chervenka , Sandi Winfrey, 

Jan Glaser, Gini Claassen, Carolyn Diandra, Dee DeCosta, Mary Hatt, Betty Martin,

 and Sharon Sears my favorite Do-bees! 

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