Sandra Sue MIB by Richwood Toys .

This doll came with her walking papers, dress,

brochure and orange card should she ever need


The brochure indicates

this outfit is

the nylon over  lime taffeta outfit #18  

Unlike Ginny, this doll is slimmer 

but also  called a walking doll. 

Legs do walk , but Sandra's

head is strung to

her body so that it does not have

the side to side

movement that Ginny's did!

A neat doll with high color! 

This lovely doll has been sold but I  kept her

furniture: rare sandbox, swing, and see-saw


This Ginny type strung doll resembles the Lustre Cream doll. 

Lime organdy outfit looks original to the doll.

Doll has great high color, but some red transfer on

the arms from the original waist sash. 

Vintage hat added and flowers. 

Doll is EXC and such a sweet face!

I love the lashes below her eyes.



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