50's MIB Lisa Doll by A&H MFG. CO  

 She reminds me of Jackie Kennedy!

Lisa is a Ginger body mold and these molds

 were sold to  various companies who distributed the

  dolls with names like Lisa,  Linda, etc.



Ginny  Types Page 3 

Virga , Pam, and Jeanette Page 1 Virgas, Gigi Page 2 A&H Lisa, Jackie Pg3 Virga Beach Day Page 4 Virga SLW Tennis, Gigi Page 5 Sandra Sue, Strung type Page 6
Virga Halloween Page 7 MIB Pam, Virga artist Page 8 Elite Vicki in trunk Page 9 Virga Peggy Deluxe MIB Page 10 Admiration Carol Sues Boxed Laverne,Shirley Page11 Virga nurse Page 12
Pam, Ninette hip models Page 13 Virga Lollipops Page 14 Virga as Mouseketeer Page 15


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