After Sunday School and before church,

Father always lets Ginny stop for snacks

at the Sunshine Dairy.

This 1956 MLW Ginny wears


black watch plaid

Tiny Miss  outfit #6040. 

Hat has a matching  green pom pom

 and outfit is mint. 

                        Doll is EXC.

Ginny displays a vintage watch. 

The hands still turn on the dial! 

The white gloves are fresh from the


Father May Know Best, 

but Mother makes it happen! 

See "Kitten" and the Andersons 


Margaret  is wearing 

her church gloves.

The Andersons on their way to church!

After church Ginny stops at the park

to try out the see saw! 

This EXC vintage #501 See Saw 

was made By Richwood Toys

for Sandra Sue from 1953-1958. 

The bottom is simulated grass

and the bands were meant 

to hold her legs. 

It matches Ginny's swing set perfectly 

and is a rare addition!

Thanks, Mary and Tedi!


            To see Ginny and her friend in more see saw shots, 

                         please CLICK the pics! 1 2 3  


My Mother got my coat at Grover Cronin! 

The hat is a classic! 

My sister Cindi  looks great 

with white gloves and all!

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