PLW Ginny in  1954 complete original ballet ensemble.

 Silver  headpiece is pink with felt flowers and rhinestones. 

I added the rhinestone necklace for fun!  

Does Dobie know Thalia Menninger 

has the wedding  planned? Doubt it!

Headshot! Thanks, Vic!


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Vogue Painted lash Walker Ginnys Page 14

Painted Lash Walker Page 1  Bride, Nurse Page 2 Carnival Page 3 Carnival Page 4 Carnival Page 5 Candy Dandy

Page 6 Tennis,

Page 7 Archie (Veronica ) fur set Page 8 Beach Raggedys Page 9 Locker Ginny #42 Page 10 MIB Candy Dandy
Page 11  " I Love Lucy" in lime Page 12 Ginny  green skater, White Xmas  Page13 Sandra Dee in pink Page 14 Dobie Gillis ballet Page 15 Jerry Mahoney  Swinger Tiny Miss
Page 16 Whale Outfit, Aquarium Page 17 First corsage Flowers Molded lash walker Ginnys


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                         Paul Winchell, Jerry Mahoney! Page 15




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