Vogue Ginny strung skater from 1952 Sport Series (all original)

No. 74

Vogue Ginny strung Party from 1953 Talon Zipper Series (all original)

No. 53

Vogue Ginny strung Bo-peep from 1953 Fable and Bride Series (replaced staff, added watering can)

No. 50

Vogue Ginny strung Skater from 1953 Gadabout Series (all original)



Ginny  Strung Pages 1-19




 Strung Ginny Dolls Page 1

Strung Page 1 Page 2 Parlor Page 3 Ginger, MMary, Dutch, Pam
Page 4MMarys, vanity,Sqdancers, Ski, Linda Page 5 Alices,Square Dancers,Lucy, Red Beach Page 6 OZ
Page 7 TMiss Zipper, Poodle Coat Page 8 Cathy Carol Page 9 Kindergarten Zipper, Kay
Page 10 Picnic Kay, Hope Page 11 June, April,Cheryl

Page 12 PE Ginny Grad navy

Page 13  Cowgirl, boy Page 14 Kinder #24 Strung  Valentine Page15 Transitional Ginny Sister games
Page 16 Lucys red, blue versions 1952 Page 17 RRHood, Hansel Gretel Page 18 MIB Cheryl Valentines
Page 19 Strung Beryl Ponytail items Painted Lash walker Ginnys  






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NASB Muffie, and 

Ginny walker

at the Beauty parlor! Page 2



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