Ginny, Ginger, and Muffie Doll

For Sale Accessories

How great are these? Linda has really captured 

 the Ginny cuffs the way they were supposed to

 look! They are not made of  that easily

 damaged cardboard, (but look at it!!!)  These 

 are more pliable and look crinkly like the paper

 cuffs that Vogue made!  I was missing many

 pairs!  . She does these in the GOLD shown

 here and the SILVER too! At long last we can

 get those cowgirls complete!!!! For cuffs, please

 do NOT contact me. Contact Linda directly at:  Her price for a pair of

 cuffs is $7.50 Postage paid. 

This is Tyco's discontined Food mart NRFB!!

  Complete! It does NOT come with all the foods

 on the box cover the pic as these were sold

 seperately, but does come with these original to

 the box items: the plastic mart counter is shown

 and that comes with stickers you can add.( I left

 my own plain), 2 cereal boxes, tomato,

 sandwich, 2 food cans, loaf of Wonder bread(

 this is the coolest as the bread is inside!) ice

 cream box, litre of soda, slush machine,3 slush

 drink cups and slush balls with lids, pretzel

 machine, 4 pretzels, shopping basket, paper

 shopping bag, sign and display stand. Requires

 3 AA batteries which make the cash register

 work by changing the price as you scan the

 groceries.The drawer also opens on the register

 which is attached to the counter. 

Also there is a ding sound 

when the items scans on the red   counter plate!!

 It is the correct height for Jill or

 Barbie , but the foods are Ginny size which

 makes this set a treasure.( I have Jill at the cash

 register in my scene with Ginny by the food

 rack.) some wear on the box corners from store

 it came from. Set has not been removed from

 the box. I love mine and so grabbed this extra. 

 $95 plus $16.50 shipping. It's heavy!


Here is a scan showing Jill wearing vintage ORIGINAL

 sunglasses.....The Ginnys are wearing 

the new repro ones for sale.

 You can see they are very similar! 

The glasses for sale are the ones

 on the two Ginnys and the loose ones.

The lenses can be popped out for regular glasses, too! 

Price: $3.50 a pair plus .50 shipping 

or 3 pair for $9.00 plus $1.50 shipping. P&H for 2 pairs.... $1 . 

 The lenses can be popped out if you prefer 

a white frame instead! 

To buy glasses contact Linda directly

 please, and not me!